Summer Wines from Pio Cesare

First time in our market and very limitedly produced, we now have Pio Cesare's 2020 Rosy named after the founder's Granddaughter and as well Pio's 100% Sauvignon Blanc that rarely gets made. Fun and delicious wines from one of Piedmonts Top producers. 


“Pio Cesare is what I call a ‘lighthouse winery’. Steadfast and standing tall among the rest, it floods the landscape with inspiration and light for a slew of smaller, boutique wineries looking to find their way. Among the most historic brands in Alba, Pio Cesare has worked hard to promote Barolo and the territory of the Langhe across the globe. Their tireless efforts have been instrumental in creating a unified Barolo identity.” – Monica Larner on Pio Cesare, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, June 2013  

 2020 Pio Cesare 
Rosy Langhe DOC

SKU #108223 Case size 6X750
$35.94 wholesale spec
20 - 6 packs Imported

GRAPE VARIETY: Nebbiolo and Syrah in small part.

VINEYARDS: Our Family has a great passion for full bodied Rosè wines, with great structure and longevity. For this reason, we decided to produce a Rosè from the Langhe area with a selection of Nebbiolo and Syrah grapes, sourced from our Family owned vineyards in the village of Treiso.GR

VINIFICATON: The grapes are early harvested and picked in small baskets. After a very gentle pressing, the fermentation takes place half in stainless steel and half in French oak barriques.
Maceration on the skin for a very short period.

AGEING: In French oak barriques for almost 1 month with extensive lees contact.

NOTES: We named it "Rosy" to dedicate it to the Founder's granddaughter.
Savory, fresh, spicy, great structure, amber-colored. Produced in very small quantities. 


 2020 Pio Cesare Sauvignon Blanc
Langhe DOC 

SKU #417535 Case Size: 6X750
$36.96 wholesale spec  
20 - 6 packs Imported


100% Sauvignon Blanc

The family behind Pio Cesare own a couple of vertiginous plots, one called ‘Il Bricco’ in Treiso (one of the highest points in the Barbaresco area) and the other is the Bossania vineyard in Trezzo Tinella. On them, they grow minuscule quantities of Sauvignon Blanc. Most of it is blended with Chardonnay to create a wine called L’Altro, but a small proportion of it is vinified as a pure Sauvignon Blanc just for fun. As you can imagine, it’s fiercely hard to come by.

TASTING NOTES: Pio Cesare Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and fresh, with notes of lemon sorbet, lime zest, green apple, and white peach. There are also hints of the herb and vegetable patches and freshly cut grass, which give it a ‘garden party’ kind of feel. It finds a lovely middle ground between the full-on intensity of New Zealand and the fruitlessness and minerality of the Loire, and it’s just screaming out for some al fresco dining. 
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