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Bill Price is a legend in the Sonoma wine industry. A key figure at renowned producers like Kosta Browne, Gary Farrell, and Three Sticks, he’s also the owner of the Durell and Gap’s Crown Vineyards, two jewels of the Sonoma Pinot and Chardonnay scene—and his Head High line up is a chance to see the phenomenal quality he and his team can achieve at a miraculous price. The wines are limited with only 36 cases imported as they are only just over 1000 case total production and mostly Estate fruit. These wines are hard to beat coming from California and of this quality.



In surfing slang, “head high” refers to the perfect sized wave - one that builds to the height of a rider’s head. We also like the other implied meaning: to set the bar as high as we can. We’re an adventurous winery, built by surfers and explorers. We’re free-spirited and creative, but we’re also focused and hardworking winegrowers, dedicated to creating the best possible wines through vineyard stewardship, intelligent fruit sourcing, and meticulous care in the cellar. Really great wines should be available to everyone. Now they are.

Head High Wines is dedicated to contributing to something greater than ourselves. Together, we will create a cleaner environment and stronger communities. Every bottle you buy, supports social and environmental organizations. The swell is coming. It’s time to commit!

2021 Head High Sonoma Chardonnay
35 cases imported
 #432170  $24.95 wls  12X750ML spec

GRAPE SOURCES: Rob Harris has been farming grapes for us for over a dozen years. He sources the fruit for Head High Wine s from like -minded, select growers in Sonoma County with a dedication to finding the highest quality fruit that embodies the coastal influence of this growing region. We are passionate about crafting artisan wines expressive of the unique clones and AVA's reflected in our Chardonnay.

WINEMAKING:The long 2021 growing season created a stressful roller coaster of ripening. It allowed the vines to ripen and rest and produce fruit bursting with flavor. Minimal oxidation was experiencedduring processing, the fruit was put through long, cold fermentations combined with a minimalist approach to making this wine created a full array of olfactory delight.

TASTING NOTES:Winemaker Britt Nichols Release Date: January 3, 2022
Bright tropical floral notes on the front, with a lush body on the palate, finishing on a beautifully clean note.

2019 Head High Sonoma Pinot Noir
36 cases imported
 #432144  $25.95 wls  12X750ML spec

Head High Pinot Noir comes from pure, unadulterated Sonoma County fruit. Grown in optimal climate for pinot noir, in Sonoma County’s finest vineyards - this is the highest quality pinot noir - at the best price. Wine grower, Bill Price, grew up in Hawaii, where surfing became a lifelong passion of his, before returning to California and falling in love with wine. Head High wines are just like head high waves: pure, unadulterated and ready to go. We hope you join us on this ride!

VINTAGE NOTES: We saw a long, cool growing season in 2019, allowing the fruit to have extended hang time, which just like hang time on the waves, gives a sense of equilibrium and balance. 2019 shines as the year of true-to-form pinot noir.

WINEMAKER PHILOSOPHY:“We believe that phenomenal wine shouldn't cost a fortune. We deliver value without compromising quality. Our grower and vineyard relationships are built on long standing friendships and trusting business practices. I am a stubborn purist. I truly believe that utilizing the best fruit and taking the approach of less is more, creates a product that shines. I think through every detail from grape to bottle, and I take pride in every step.” – Britt Richards
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