First time release of Twomey Dundee Hills Oregon Pinot

From the Iconic Silver Oak Family we are releasing tiny allocation of their estate 2021 Twomey Sauvignon Blanc and for the first time their first wine outside of California, this incredible 2019 Twomey Dundee Hills Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley. Our allocation is 5 cases of each. Twomey is Silver Oak's sister winery focusing on grapes beyond Cabernet Sauvignon.Nine estate Pinot Noir's and one estate Sauvignon Blanc.


2021 Twomey
Napa/Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc

12X750 – 4 cases available
SKU #197574 $43.91 Wholesale Spec


The 2021 growing season started off cool and dry, which primed the vines to conserve resources by growing smaller canopies and producing fewer bunches. As a result, growth in the vineyard was quite balanced, and the lower yields with smaller berries led to concentrated flavors. Summer was relatively mild with few heat events, allowing for the theme of even, balanced ripening to continue. With a small, concentrated crop and mild yet warm temperatures, the ripening curve accelerated as the season progressed. Harvest officially began with our Calistoga Estate Vineyard leading the charge, and the first bunches were loaded into the press on August 11, which is the earliest start date in the past five years. Alternating for the next 10 days on the crushpad, the Healdsburg and Oakville Estate Vineyards were soon to follow, and we wrapped up with Merino Estate Vineyard on September 8.

This early and compressed harvest—coupled with lower yields and smaller berries—led to a finished wine that walks a delicate line between rich, textural depth and fresh, vibrant energy, hitting the topical, floral, citrus and mineral notes that we love from our Sauvignon Blanc.


2019 Twomey
Dundee Hills Pinot Noir

12X750 – 5 cases available
SKU #421759 $97.95 Wholesale Spec

The 2019 vintage started with an early, relatively mild winter, and cooler temperatures gave way to a warm and wet spring. The growing season opened with a bang as fully hydrated soils and warmer temperatures allowed the vines to grow at a quick pace while elevated rainfall in June and early July helped further support canopy growth. Heat accumulation was steady and consistent through- out the summer with no major heat events, creating the ideal conditions for great Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley. As is often typical in a classic Oregon growing season, fall brought an elevated threat of showers. After some significant rain events, we found the perfect late-September window to harvest all our Pinot Noir, picking and processing the entire crop in just three days. This cooler end to the season highlighted the vibrant, energetic side of Pinot Noir and accentuated the beautiful fresh berry and savory character we love from the Dundee Hills.
BARREL AGING:14 months in barrel 9 months on primary lees 100% French oak, 37% new


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