VINTAGE CORKS LTD is incredibly proud to announce…

California Cult wines from Scarecrow

These wines will be allocated yearly for industry ONLY. 

If your restaurant or hotel would like to be considered for placement please email us at:

The Scarecrow story begins in a patch of earth with a fabled past.  The J.J. Cohn Estate, where Scarecrow grapes are born, borders what was once the legendary vineyard of Inglenook winemaker Gustave Niebaum, whose plantings blanketed more than 1,000 acres of Napa Valley at the close of the 19th century.  

John Daniel Jr. took the helm at Inglenook in 1939, determined to restore the label to pre-Prohibition standing and produce world-class Bordeaux-style wines. In 1945, Daniel convinced his neighbor, J.J. Cohn to plant eighty acres of Cabernet Vines on the 180-acre parcel Cohn had purchased a few years prior.  Daniel promised to buy his grapes, so Cohn planted vines.  The rest, as they say, is history. 

J.J. Cohn grapes are highly sought-after in part because Cohn bucked the trend, begun in the mid-1960s, of replacing vines planted on St. George rootstock with the supposedly superior AxR#I hybrid.  Over time, vines grafted onto this new stock proved highly vulnerable to phylloxera.  But by then virtually all of the old St. George vines in Napa had been destroyed.  Only the original 1945 J.J. Cohn vines survived.  These highly prized “Old Men” continue to produce uncommonly rich fruit – the hallmark of Scarecrow wine.  

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