Vine Hill Ranch

Oakville, California


“The Stevens touted this place as “the hottest property in Napa Valley,” mostly because the Phillips family makes subtle, brilliant Cabernet—it speaks to the sophistication level of the buyers who appreciate their remarkable ($150) wines—but partly because the backstory is captivatingly unusual for a Napa cult wine. The Philips didn’t arrive in Oakville flush from some otherworld glamour occupation. They came from … right here on this property! They’ve been farming it themselves —grandfather to father to son—for 50 years. It was just that up until now they’d been selling off the fruit to tony brands like Bond, Etude and Lail. The family made the decision to cherry pick about 5% from diverse sections of the vineyard and put the grapes under the care of A-List winemaker Francoise Peschon. Shrewd move: The refinement and sense of proportion in these reds should shame the last anti-California wine snob into extinction.” – Richard Nalley, Forbes, “Collector’s Confidential: The Next Wave of Napa Cult Wines”, November 2012

“I can’t say enough about the work the Phillips family has done with the first four vintages of VHR, Vine Hill Ranch. As Wine Advocate readers may remember from last year, the Phillips family has supplied some of the Napa Valley’s finest estates with fruit for generations, but only began making their own wines with the 2008 vintage. An all-star team led by winemaker Francoise Peschon and viticulturist Mike Wolff look after every aspect of the wines with meticulous care. Although hardly a ‘new’ property, Vine Hill Ranch gets my vote as the single most exciting emerging winery in Napa Valley.”

                                    -Antonio Galloni  (Wine Advovate)


This wine will be allocated yearly for industry ONLY.
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