Genevieve and I are both tremendous Pinot Noir fans.  We enjoy Pinots from all over the world.  When it came time to start a small wine project, we wanted something that would reflect our own passions for wine and what we enjoy most about the business and the culture.  A chance to make Pinot Noir, and more specifically Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, presented itself in the form of Summa Vineyard and Scott and Joan Zeller.  I first met Scott while I was working at Turley in 1999.  We fell out of touch for a few years before a good friend reconnected us in the summer of 2002.  Genevieve and I jumped at a chance to work with Scott and Joan appreciating not only the fabulous opportunity to work with a vineyard as storied as Summa but we really appreciated their aesthetic.  Trips to the vineyard yielded great Pinot grapes but also jams, dozens of eggs, fava beans, potatoes and homemade wines all made by the Zellers from their property.  Scott has also introduced us to what will become a big part of the future of Rivers-Marie, new Occidental vineyards!  Through him, we have met Richard and Darla Radcliffe at Occidental Ridge Vineyards (’05 debut) and Raleigh and Patricia Wilson-Juckett at Willow Creek Vineyards (’06 debut).

Thomas Rivers Brown and Genevieve Marie Welsh

This wine will be allocated yearly for industry ONLY.
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