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Brand Napa Valley

St. Helena, California

In unique terroir above the cloud line on top of Pritchard Hill in Napa Valley are the vineyards of BRAND. In two distinctive elevations twelve acres of vines are planted in the red volcanic soils surrounded by massive boulders. The BRAND estate shares the profile of the Oakville appellation with the additional benefit of higher elevation and hillsides.

The Upper Vineyards face West above the winery and overlook Lake Hennessey. Eight acres are planted in 12 separate vineyard blocks to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The elevation of the upper blocks range from 1300’ to almost 1400’.

The Upper Vineyard development was a four year endeavor including nearly four months of heavy lifting when massive boulders were drilled and blasted from the earth by dynamite and trucked down the hill. What began as a rugged boulder field became an enduring red soil habitat. Soil types and orientation for the 12 blocks vary widely and required careful research. Selection of clones and rootstock were made resulting in 9 clones field grafted onto 6 different rootstocks. Each block was situated to protect vines from wind, heat and sun. The vines are predominantly planted to 3 by 6 spacing utilizing a vertical trellising and Guyot training system to manage light exposure and air movement.

Below and adjacent to the winery at an elevation of 1135’ is the Lower Vineyard which was recently acquired. This vineyard spans four acres and is planted to Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

BRAND’s total vineyard plantings consist of 6 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, 4 acres of Cabernet Franc and 2 acres of Petit Verdot.

BRAND and the double horseshoes, our logo, reflect the fundamental elements in our equestrian interests and the volcanic soils on Pritchard Hill. Much like the horseshoe hammered true by the Farrier forms the foundation for sustainability and grace in our horses; the soil painted red by the iron contained within has similar immeasurable influence on the vine.